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Loughborough Student Houses - Check now for 2017/2018.

Loughborough Student Accommodation
Student Accomodation Loughborough
Student Houses Loughborough

Choose from the best houses in Loughborough

  • 4, 5, 6 or 10 bedroom houses
  • Your own space and privacy, and even En-Suite
  • Flat screen, wall mounted TV
  • Comfortable double beds
  • Fast broadband & TV in all rooms
  • New contemporary furniture
  • 2 or more bathrooms with showers
  • Modern fitted kitchen
  • Stainless-steel oven & ceramic hob
  • Unlimited hot water & heating
  • Priority callout for maintenance issues

5 students

13 Curzon Street

  • Large comfortable living room - modern kitchen
  • 5 double bedrooms
  • 2 bath / shower rooms
  • Available for 2017/18
13 Curzon Street, Loughborough

5 students

15 Curzon Street

  • Large comfortable living room - modern kitchen
  • 5 double bedrooms
  • 2 bath / shower rooms
  • Available for 2017/18
15 Curzon Street, Loughborough

5 students

19 Chestnut Street

  • Fantastic large house for 5
  • 5 double bedrooms
  • 2 bath / shower rooms
  • Available for 2017/18
19 Chestnut Street, Loughborough
Accommodation for students in Loughborough

Read more about Loughborough Student Houses -

We have been providing accommodation and letting Loughborough student houses since 1991. With that many years' experience we know what students need in their accommodation and how to provide it - it has not changed much since we started!

There is a selection of high quality houses suitable for groups of 4, 5, 6 and even 10, including one with En-Suite facilities, each double bedroom having it's own Shower, toilet and Wash basin. These are available in the best locations in the town, for easy access to the shops and also only minutes from the Campus.

They are:

  • the best houses
  • the best locations
  • with a top rated landlord.

Check it out with what our tenants can tell you about their experiences in our student accommodation .

Students on Placement

  • You will need accommodation for 2016 - 2017
  • There is always a rush in mid November for private houses 'off Campus'.
  • This coming year, 2016-2017, there is lilely to be a house shortage, the University having taken on up to 20% extra Freshers in September 2015.
  • SELECT YOUR HOUSE BEFORE the Freshers and 2nd Year students start to look.
  • You are away from Loughborough. You cannot spend time returning to Loughborough several times because you've 'lost' the house that you wanted. My advice search EARLY and commit EARLY.
  • Contact me or telephone 07939 098 757 to discuss early viewings and availability.

Why these specfic streets in Loughbough?

  • Arthur Street, Curzon Street, William Street and Chestnut Street the most sought-after locations in Loughborough - without being noisy.
  • They are close to the town centre shops and the University is only a few minutes away!
  • This is where most University and College Students would choose their accommodation if they could, but ... the supply of houses is limited.

Accommodation Quality

Loughborough student houses vary considerably - check it out!

  • We provide accommodation to the standard that you would expect in your own home. Furniture is regularly upgraded with fresh modern styles - such as IKEA. And easy to keep clean.
  • All equipment is of the highest quality - makes such as Bosch, Sony, Netgear etc. being used to make life as comfortable as possible.
  • All houses and accommodation are re-painted and cleaned professionally every year.
  • Double glazing is used throughout for houses that will stay warm through the winter and reduce heating Bills to a minimum.

Landlord Support

  • Problems can develop in even the best houses but they do need to be dealt with rapidly! A call and we arrange for things to be resolved without any delay.
  • It is this is that makes some landlords 'good' and others, well...... 'not so good'.
  • Ask around and you will quickly find out which landlords give a good back-up service! That definitely includes us.

Accommodation Rent

  • Rents are payable quarterly.
  • Rent is inclusive of Service charges (gas, electricity, water rates, Broad/Band and the TV Licence).

Service Charges

  • Service contracts are already set up and paid by me. That means Electricity, gas, water and TV Licence. As a rule of thumb, they average about £7.00 per person per week.
  • All houses are equipped with an Gas and Electricity Electronic Monitor in the Living room. Now you can check whether or not your usage is running as predicted.
  • Your broadband and Internet - all tenants have different ideas on what type of service they require. You can save money because some packages only require a 9 month contract. However I will pay you back for your chosen internet service at the beginning of each quarter.

You, as a student, are exempt from Council Tax although you will have to prove your student status to Charnwood Borough Council - a photocopy of your Student Card will normally suffice.

Finding suitable Loughborough student houses.

The next important date is in November, round about the 2nd, or just after the annual Loughborough Fair - that's when these houses start to let for occupation the following year

Getting out of Halls of Residence is a vital facet of student life

  • it is when you discover your own independence
  • when you find your own home to share with your friends
  • and you finally move out of the mass accommodation/apartment block environment!

It is important to have decent and safe standards of accommodation.

  • bargain basement rental prices may well mean bargain basement house quality
  • poor accommodation is the last thing that you need to get the best out of your student life in Loughborough
  • and remember that accommodation in a private house is cheaper than accommodation in Halls of Residence - Private Accommodation is good value.

The main rules to remember are simple:

  • the best houses always let first - beat the rush!
  • do not spoil your Loughborough experience with poor accommodation.

Loughborough Accommodation Tenancy Period

The 1st July for 12 months. To view houses, to discuss rents, and to reserve a house contact me.